The Healing Arts & Village Education will help to transform a 10,000 square-foot, three-story building into a healing arts space that cares for community and helps community care for itself. This effort nurtures creative workshops and programs for the Englewood community and provides a multi-layered platform for instruction, interaction and inter-generational collaboration.

In addition, participants will use intergenerational, community-grounded inquiry to learn about agricultural and collectivist roots in their community and assess the impact of self-oppression and poor health. They will also explore a deeper connection to African culture and know how to assess community needs. They will participate in pre-assessments, set personal goals, and write a healing warrior statement.

They will also participate in collective political education sessions. Ultimately, participants will understand cooperative economics as a means for community building, and practice African/Eastern-based Mantu Arts. Participants will learn how to provide information and needs to the community, and how to incorporate healing arts into the work.

Program Begins | June 25th

Program Ends | August 31st

Please contact Elisha Hall if you have any questions:

507-403-9062 |

Youth Participants


Volunteers & Guest Facilitators