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Greater Englewood youth from Ujamaa Community Land Trust, Imagine Englewood If, LifeBuilders, and other organizations are coalescing under one roof for a dynamic summer program.

With a focus on personal wellness, internal/external arts, community gardening, digital media and neighborhood canvasing – the Healing Arts & Village Education Program (HAVE) started Monday, June 25th. The HAVE program is about showing participants the various assets that we have as a community. By polling instructional learning and site-based learning with Englewood residents and those outside of the area, the program aims to show young people how to consider cooperative economics and emerging cooperative entities like community land trust – as alternatives to the everyday trauma that envelops our neighborhoods.

This past week, we talked about personal wellness, healthy relationships, self-love and had a wonderful guest facilitator facilitate a meditation workshop with over 25 youth! The program brings collaborators together from other organizations to host joint programming and then each organization splits off and does their own project-based youth work.

In addition to wellness workshops, youth will also learn how to perform property assessments, engage Englewood residents with resident surveys, and participate in design projects that ask youth to re-imagine vacant lots and zombie properties.

We look forward to engaging over 100 youth this summer – but we need your help. Many of the youth are employed by the One Summer Chicago program, but this program does not provide resources for host sites. Please support our online fundraiser and help us provide resources, water, materials and supplies our program.

You can donate here.


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